Sean Wotherspoon sneaker Inspired #sneakerhead Nike Airmax 1/97 Paracord Survival Bracelet and Key Chain Combo Set

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Bracelet - Sean Wortherspoon sneaker Inspired on Black #sneakerhead Nike Airmax 197

A colorway I designed to compliment the iconic shoe released worldwide on March 26, 2018. The shoe was designed by contest winner Sean Wotherspoon and combines touches of both the Nike Airmax 1 and the Nike Airmax 97.

We hope this will complement and accent any outfit especially if you own a pair of these coveted sneakers. If you're like most sneakerheads and put together your outfit starting with the shoes, this can be a great accessory to go with the shoes. You can rock the bracelet on your wrist, the key chain to go with you ride or the Lanyard to hold the pass or ticket to your favorite concert or sneaker convention.

Handmade in the Nitty, Gritty City of Flint. U.S. Made in the great State of Michigan from Genuine 550# paracord (approx. 8-10ft.) and includes a 3/8" SRB Side Release Buckle.

***MEASUREMENT***When making a bracelet purchase please send me your exact wrist size. I will not be able to process your order until I have your wrist size. I would admonish you not to depend on the size of other bracelets you may own, i.e., gold, silicone, etc.

Paracord is a fairly thick medium and I will add a predetermined amount of length to your wrist size to provide for a comfortable fit and the thickness of the cord.

A good way to measure you wrist is to wrap a piece of string around your wrist, mark it and then compare the string on a ruler. Please send your measurements in Inches.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review