** Measure your wrist exactly as indicated. Please don't add any slack when measuring your wrist. We will add to your raw wrist size to make your bracelet the best fit possible. **
How to measure your wrist to get the best fit when ordering your bracelet. 
We custom make all bracelets to the customer's exact wrist size. For us to handcraft your bracelet, we ask you to follow these steps to select the right wrist size when placing your order.
  • Take a tape measure or a piece of string and wrap it around your wrist until both ends touch without leaving any slack. It doesn't have to be as tight as to stop blood circulation. 
  • Mark the string or tape measure where both ends meet. Take a ruler if you are using the string method and measure the string.
Now that you have your wrist measurement you will select that exact size when placing your order. Please remember not to add any slackl. We will do that based on your raw wrist measurement. 
Buying a gift for someone and guessing on a wrist size:
We love to help our customers with these, but it may take a few email exchanges to put it all together. As a reference a 6" is the size for most average sized women and a 7" is the common size for most average sized men. At times we may request the approximate size and weight of the gift recipient and/or we will ask for a picture of them with their wrist and arms visible. These methods greatly help us to estimate the size they will need without you blowing the surprise.
I Measured a bracelet I already have that fits great:
We can work with this as well. We just need to know this is the method you used to give us the measurement. Our default is to assume the measurement received it the raw wrist measurement. If you measured the bracelet and it is a paracord bracelet, just let us know when you place your order. That will tell us not to add anything extra. Just like in the above picture, if you measured a paracord bracelet make sure to measure from tip to tip.