I Survived Covid 19 Commemorative Coronavirus Memorial Disease Pandemic Epidemic Paracord Survival Bracelet Key Chain Lanyard and Sets

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I Survived Covid 19 Commemorative Memoriam Memorial Disease Pandemic Epidemic


I Survived Covid 19 Commemorative Memoriam Memorial Disease Pandemic Epidemic . A poignant reminder that 2020 is a year we will never soon forget.

It all started in a far off land and found its way to our shores, the United States of America. We came together in ways that perhaps we never thought we would. It came with words and terms we will always remember. Stay six feet apart. Stay safe, Stay home. Slow the curve...and so many more.

Through all the tragedies that came across our doors in more than 182 countries around the planet there were positives. These pieces are just that. A way to signify the positive. Though we hear the horrendous stories daily of those lost, there were so many that survived that didn't get the air time. Quietly they returned to their homes and families. Damaged and beaten but not broken. Their resolve and the resolve of their families is something we should always keep in our minds.

These items are a subtle way to signify the triumph without being as garish as a T-Shirt or ball cap. Something that you can look down and remember without bragging that you made it even though so many didn't.

The black base color is a constant reminder of the loved ones tragically lost the months beginning in March of 2020. We should never forget their sacrifice and what they brought to each of our families and communities.

We take pride in using only the best quality materials available on the market in our gear. Our charm blanks or dubrays are made of only Stainless Steel and not coated metal. Since this is something that can be touched by your hands daily lesser quality ones can easily flake. Our paracord is 100% military grade, made by a US contractor and our buckles and Nickel plated split rings are tried and tested. We use pop barrel fasteners on our lanyards to avoid a choking hazard, when doing those tough jobs.

U.S. Made in the great State of Michigan from Genuine 550# paracord (approx. 8-10ft.) and includes a 3/8" plastic side release buckle.

***MEASURMENT***When making a bracelet purchase please send me your exact wrist size. I will not be able to process your order until I have your wrist size. I would admonish you not to depend on the size of other bracelets you may own, i.e., gold, silicone, etc.

Paracord is a fairly thick medium and I will add a predetermined amount of length to your wrist size to provide for a comfortable fit and the thickness of the cord.

A good way to measure you wrist is to wrap a piece of string around your wrist, mark it and then compare the string on a ruler. Please send your measurements in Inches.

The lanyard also features a quick breakaway attachment at the back of the neck to prevent the lanyard from being used as a strangulation device. If you need additional break away safety and shorter cord lengths once pulled apart, search for "Safety Pop Barrel Add on" in our store.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review