Chicagorilla Chitown Gorilla Culture Crew and Blackout Edition logo inspired Paracord Survival Bracelet Key Chain Lanyard and Sets

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Chicagorilla Chitown Gorilla logo inspired Paracord Survival Bracelet Key Chain Lanyard and Sets

***Note*** This listing is only made for the purchase of pieces by @vanjohnsonofficial, @steaktacos and @chicagorillabrand. We are not officially selling Chicagorilla branded apparel to the general public.

Inspired by the Chicagorilla clothing line. Owned and operated by co-owners Van Johnson and Kevin Womack. They acquired the company in 2010 and have made it an internationally known brand. 

The following comes directly from their About page on their site:

Chicagorilla is a more than just a Chicago fashion brand but rather a culture and movement representing loyalty, perseverance, and strength. Chicagorilla’s mission is to remind our community that we essentially live in a jungle here in Chicago. And like the gorilla, we need to nurture and support our city especially with all of the shootings and the negative attention that we receive in the news. We need to stand together to support one another.

We at Paracords and More are proud to have the opportunity to partner with these men in their endeavor to promote their brand and entrepreneurship and make their hometown of Chicago better, day by day and piece by piece. Salute. 

This listing allows the Chicagorilla buyer to place an order for the quantity of pieces needed. Prices will default to the specified wholesale price once the mandatory minimums are met. Please email us a list of the specifics of the colorways  and types (Bracelets, Keychains and/or Lanyards) required. 


Handmade just outside of our hometown, the Nitty, Gritty City of Flint. U.S. Made in the great State of Michigan from Genuine 550# paracord (approx. 8-10ft.) and includes a 3/8" SRB Side Release Buckle.

***MEASUREMENT***When making a bracelet purchase please send me your exact wrist size. I will not be able to process your order until I have your wrist size. I would admonish you not to depend on the size of other bracelets you may own, i.e., gold, silicone, etc.

Paracord is a fairly thick medium and I will add a predetermined amount of length to your wrist size to provide for a comfortable fit and the thickness of the cord.

A good way to measure you wrist is to wrap a piece of string around your wrist, mark it and then compare the string on a ruler. Please send your measurements in Inches.